I am black and I am white. I am male and I am female.





Individuals, the Church, Corporations, Community Organizations, Educational Institutions and Others Institutions to Live Out the Gospel Message


Individuals, the Church, Corporate, Community Organizations, Educational Institutions and Others Institutions to Effect Racial Reconciliation.


To see Christians living out the grace of the gospel demonstrating the grace in the Body of Christ across racial lines so that communities can see evidence of the gospel message.


Mission Mississippi has been leading the way in racial reconciliation in Mississippi for the past 24 years. Our model is to bring people together to build relationships across racial lines so they can work together to better their communities.
Our mission is to encourage and demonstrate grace in the Body of Christ across racial lines so that communities throughout Mississippi can see practical evidence of the gospel message
Our vision is to To see Christians living out the grace of the gospel unhindered by racism, racial strife, racial prejudice, racial hatred, and racial division throughout Mississippi and the world.



And I believe that the path to racial harmony is through the body of Christ and the power of healing and forgiveness. Because I am the body of Christ, I am open to all people of all races and I invite them to join me in building a better world devoid of racial bigotry and hatred. I am a passionate catalyst for change in a world too comfortable with old labels and old bigotries. I offer unconditional love for all who join me. I am Mission Mississippi.


“I look forward to the day when the Christians in Mississippi will honor the Savior as we move further away from division and even color-blindness and on to celebrating the diversity that we have that was given to us by our Great Creator.”

 – B. Rushing

“We are focused on leaving a better legacy for future generations. I do not want to pass on the issues of race that my generation struggled with to my grandkids. Mission Mississippi is working hard to create opportunities for healing and reconciliation. I want to invite all Mississippians to share their perspective and to help be a part of creating a better legacy.”

 – Neddie Winters, President, Mission Mississippi

“I was very impressed by the first meeting.  All the participants came from diverse backgrounds and this offered a diversity of perspectives on the issues addressed.  It was so refreshing to sit around and discuss controversial topics relating to race in an open and sympathetic environment.”

 – John Anderson, Professor, MC Law School

“Mission Mississippi has been asking the Body of Christ to walk out the Gospel message across racial and denominational lines through prayer breakfasts, and a variety of different gatherings across the state since 1993.”

 – Neddie Winters, President, Mission Mississippi



“Volunteering with Mission MS has been such a rewarding experience for me. Not only has it allowed me to network, but it also allowed me to give back in a multitude of ways. In addition, I was able to apply my skills and knowledge as a future social worker. It is such a honor to say I was one of the smiling faces that made Mission Mississippi’s events warm and inviting”

 – Shameca Dotson, Social Work Major, Jackson State University

“It is difficult to know how to respond to racial tragedy, and we want to help people understand the Biblical response. We believe that opening an honest dialogue across the racial lines can help to prevent racial incidents. We want to encourage Mississippians to be proactive and work to understand those of another race in order to be able to celebrate our differences.”

 – Neddie Winters, President, Mission Mississippi

“Our goal is to engage, to equip and to empower the next generation to build relationships across racial lines, to work together with better understanding, to build greater respect for one another, and to trust each other while making a better Mississippi together.”

 – Neddie Winters, President, Mission Mississippi

“Volunteering with Mission Mississippi is a great opportunity to be involved in racial reconciliation and healing.  It’s a unique opportunity to be a part of a Statewide movement and meet people of different demographics.”

 – Mission Mississippi Volunteer

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