Our Future

Where we are heading

Mission Mississippi has been leading the way in racial reconciliation in Mississippi for over 30 years. Our model is to bring people together to build relationships across racial lines so they can work together to better their communities.

It is difficult to know how to respond to racial tragedy but we want to help people understand the Biblical response. We believe that opening an honest dialogue across the racial lines can help to prevent racial incidents. We want to encourage Mississippians to be proactive and work to understand those of other races in order to be able to celebrate our differences.


To engage, to equip and to empower the next generation to build relationships across racial lines, to work together with better understanding, to build greater respect for one another and to trust each other while making a better Mississippi together.



Mission Mississippi's efforts are evangelistic, i.e. to win people to Christ. We must show to the "outside" world that being a Christian can make a difference in one's life. By living a reconciled life, we are better able to share the message of Christianity.


We do not apologize for asking hard questions or raising issues that must be dealt with in the reconciliation process. We cannot shy away from making people uncomfortable.


Current issues drive Mission Mississippi forward. Those issues that affect the everyday lives of people are the things that Mission Mississippi must deal with. We cannot be afraid of dealing with the difficult issues.


Everything that we do is to promote relationships with people and to keep them at the table. We must encourage people to keep talking when the subjects get uncomfortable and people would rather leave the discussion to avoid embarrassment or hurt feelings.


the movement belongs to those whose lives/professions are touching the issues on a daily basis. Our actions must be intentional. We must encourage people to be aware of the need for cross-racial interaction and see the benefits that it holds, both personally and for all of society.


(verb) \ gras-ism\: (a) the act of extending Grace – that we have experienced from Jesus Christ – to promote racial reconciliation; (b) knowing and living out the idea that Grace is greater than Race; (c) the answer to racism.

Our Committments

Through Christ, we can find common ground to build strong relationships and communities for the betterment of all Mississippians, regardless of race.

Mission Mississippi will provide a safe environment that fosters open and honest dialogue in a true Christian Spirit. Through the body of Christ, we will live out our faith in unity, and together we will build authentic relationships and better communities that thrive and grow without the burden of bigotry and hatred.

To encourage and demonstrate grace in the Body of Christ across racial lines, so that communities throughout Mississippi can see practical evidence of the Gospel message.

Mission Mississippi offers the greatest hope to attain racial healing and reconciliation through the body of Christ and unconditional love.

To see Christians living out the grace of the gospel unhindered by racism, racial strife, racial prejudice, racial hatred, and racial division throughout Mississippi and the world.

I am black and I am white. I am male and I am female. But above all, I am Christian. And I believe that the path to racial harmony is through the body of Christ and the power of healing and forgiveness. Because I am the body of Christ, I am open to all people of all races and I invite them to join me in building a better world devoid of racial bigotry and hatred. I am a passionate catalyst for change in a world too comfortable with old labels and old bigotries. I offer unconditional love for all who join me. I am Mission Mississippi.

Enlist & Engage

Enlisting and Engaging individuals, churches, businesses, and the community in racial reconciliation and healing in Mississippi and beyond through:

Racial Reconciliation and Healing

• Annual Legislative Prayer Breakfast
• Annual Governor’s Leadership Prayer Luncheon
• Annual Racial Reconciliation Celebration Event
• Annual Racial Reconciliation Month – October

Building Intentional Loving Relationships

Enlisting and Engaging in building intentional loving relationships across racial lines through:
• Days of Dialogue
• Pastors and Spouse’s Retreat
• Annual Summits (Panel Discussions and Dialogue)
• Mission Mississippi Chapter Development and Gatherings


Equip & Empower

Equipping and Empowering individuals, churches, businesses and the community to effect racial reconciliation in Mississippi and beyond through:

• Developing leaders locally, Statewide and Nationally
• Presentations, Training and Consultation for the leadership in churches
• Presentations, Training and Consultation for the leadership in businesses
• Presentations, Training and Consultation for the educational arena
• Presentations, Training and Consultation for civic organizations
• Presentations, Training and Consultation for community in general
• Developing an Educational Curriculum
• Current Resources and Developing  New Resources
• Mission Mississippi Initiatives:
• Passing On a Better Legacy of Race Relations
• Next Generation Leadership
• One Year Prayer Journey Focus


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