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Neddie was a pastor for 28 years and has been speaking/preaching for 35 plus years.

He has a unique ability to connect with and challenge his audience.  He is passionate in his desire to see the Body of Christ love one another, work together and celebrate our God-given differences.



Topics Include, But Are Not Limited To:

• Unity
• Celebrating our God-given diversity
• Relationships Mission Mississippi-Style
• Authentic Listening

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Mission Mississippi's efforts are evangelistic, i.e. to win people to Christ. We must show to the "outside" world that being a Christian can make a difference in one's life. By living a reconciled life, we are better able to share the message of Christianity.


Everything that we do is to promote relationships with people and to keep them at the table. We must encourage people to keep talking when the subjects get uncomfortable and people would rather leave the discussion to avoid embarrassment or hurt feelings.


We do not apologize for asking hard questions or raising issues that must be dealt with in the reconciliation process. We cannot shy away from making people uncomfortable.


the movement belongs to those whose lives/professions are touching the issues on a daily basis. Our actions must be intentional. We must encourage people to be aware of the need for cross-racial interaction and see the benefits that it holds, both personally and for all of society.


Current issues drive Mission Mississippi forward. Those issues that affect the everyday lives of people are the things that Mission Mississippi must deal with. We cannot be afraid of dealing with the difficult issues.