Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month

All October Long

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Mission Mississippi

Are you a Mayor or County Official?
We hope you will proclaim October as Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month in your area.



A month-long focus on racial reconciliation.

Mission Mississippi has – since 1993 – been dedicated to the underlying truth that all persons of all races are called to live in unity and harmony in Mississippi. There is a need to overcome the traditional barriers that have in the past separated the people of our State and our communities.
The goal of Mission Mississippi is to create an environment in which it is safe to talk about deep issues of race relations so that genuine and meaningful relationships can be developed among all our fellow citizens across racial and denominational lines.


How can you “Celebrate” Reconciliation this October?  Consider this…
  1. Build Relationships Mission Mississippi Style with someone of another race and/or denomination.
  2. Plan a family friendly activity and invite friends and neighbors of different races and denominations to join in the celebration.
  3. Hold a prayer vigil/worship rally for racial reconciliation in your community.
  4. Honor an unsung hero in your community who has done great work to improve race relations in your area.
  5. Make a Donation to Mission Mississippi to support the continued efforts in Racial Reconciliation within the Body of Christ.
How can your church “Celebrate”?
  1. Host a Mission Mississippi Day at your church by inviting Neddie Winters to preach during the Worship Services and speak to Sunday School Classes. Contact Us, 601.353.6477 or grace@missionmississippi.org
  2. Take up an offering for Mission Mississippi so the work of Racial Reconciliation and Healing within the Body of Christ can continue.
  3. Plan a Pulpit Swap or Choir Swap, invite a pastor and/or choir of another race to preach/sing in your church.

The Official Proclamation

On October 5th a Press Conference was hosted by Governor Phil Bryant and Mission Mississippi to read the proclamation that declared October as Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month.

Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month Activites

Join Neddie Winters and Pastor Otis Moore Monday, October 17th at 6:30pm for a conversation on Color, Class, Culture and Christians.  This event will be held at Jackson First and is free and open to the public.

Neddie Winters will participate in the ReThinking Poverty Conference in Dallas/Ft. Worth October 21st-22nd.  He will speak on “Winning Relationships.”  For more information and to register visit the Chalmers Center website, www.chalmers.org.




Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month Activites

Join us this month at a Prayer Breakfast.  Check out the calendar for more information.