Statewide Events




Join us for a time of prayer, experience a panel discussion among distinguished leaders in Mississippi and participate in dialogue with other attendees.

The Mission Mississippi Governor’s Leadership Prayer Luncheon brings the Christian community together to pray for the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Congressional Delegation, Statewide Elected Officials, Mayors, Municipals Officials, County Supervisors, Chancery Clerks, Circuit Clerks, Court Judges and Justices as well as other local elected officials.


A full day of events geared toward racial reconciliation and how Mississippians, from all walks of life, can continue to work together to create a more unified Mississippi.

This is a great opportunity to introduce someone new to Mission Mississippi.  You will hear testimony and be engaged by our distinguished on stage panelist. Next Steps Workshops  to further encourage practical involvement in the racial reconciliation and healing process. We will also have a designated prayer room for anyone who would like to take a few moments that day to pray for our State and Nation.


Mission Mississippi has – since 1993 – been dedicated to the underlying truth that all persons of all races are called to live in unity and harmony in Mississippi. There is a need to overcome the traditional barriers that have in the past separated the people of our State and our communities.
The goal of Mission Mississippi is to create an environment in which it is safe to talk about deep issues of race relations so that genuine and meaningful relationships can be developed among all our fellow citizens across racial and denominational lines.


In 2015, Mission Mississippi in association with 12 denominational leaders as well as Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn and President of the Senate, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves hosted the Inaugural Legislative Prayer Breakfast.  This is first time the House and Senate Leadership convened such an event.

This event brings together the Governor, Members of the Mississippi legislature and members of the Mississippi Supreme Court for a time of prayer.  

Now and annual event, the breakfast is held in January at the First Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

“I look forward to the day when the Christians in Mississippi will honor the Savior as we move further away from division and even color-blindness and on to celebrating the diversity that we have that was given to us by our Great Creator.”

 – B. Rushing